Expressvpn for Netflix: Does it work

ExpressVPN is a well-known and trusted VPN service. They ranked top of all our tested VPN and score 92 over 100.

Read the in-depth Expressvpn review here.

While it works perfectly for the most basic encrypting and tunneling, how does it fares against the most popular video content streaming services on Earth?

So do ExpressVPNs work with Netflix?


Their servers were able to stream HD video from Netflix in our tests, though the speed was noticeably slower because of the encryption protocol. It didn’t affect my viewing experience though and it’s barely noticeable.

Why You Should Use ExpressVPN to Access Netflix?

Does Expressvpn work with Netflix

While ExpressVPN has a large network of servers worldwide, it is tailored to Netflix users as it has servers optimized for streaming.

This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to stream Netflix from outside the US or those who want to avoid geo-restrictions (like China) by accessing Netflix from a different country.

ExpressVPN provides fast connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth for high-quality streaming.

They also have a “no log” policy that ensures your privacy, which is perfect for accessing Netflix or other video content services.

ExpressVPN works well with any operating system. The ExpressVPN app for Windows will even prevent Netflix from detecting the VPN during use. It has apps for macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and you can even install them directly to your routers too.

From our testing, the VPN itself boosts up our upload speed and shows no differences or any slowing down for the downloading part as well.

Why Does Netflix Block Content in The First Place?

Netflix is a U.S.-based company that hosts its content in Amazon AWS servers scattered across the 50 states.

Due to the vast number of users (over 200 million), this makes for tremendous storage and bandwidth costs.

To help keep costs down, Netflix has established regional licensing agreements that limit the amount of content available in each region, and it also blocks any attempts to use proxies or VPNs to “trick” Netflix into thinking you are in a different country than you really are.

You can read more about the Netflix VPN Ban here to get more insights on this debatable topic.

How to Stream Netflix with ExpressVPN in few steps:

Stream Netflix with ExpressVPN in 3 steps

Step 1: Download the ExpressVPN app for your device or follow the manual setup instructions here. You should be able to find the relevant devices that you’ll be using to stream your Netflix content.

Step 2: Choose a VPN server in the US or any other location where Netflix is accessible.

Step 3: Sign into Netflix and start streaming!

How To Setup ExpressVPN On Your Router and Stream Netflix from TVBox?

For those who want to watch their favorite shows on every device in their home, setting up ExpressVPN on a router can be an ideal solution.

The basic things you’ll need are:

A router that’s compatible with ExpressVPN. You can find a list of supported VPN routers here.

Note: You should install ExpressVPN directly to your router to protect every WiFi device in your home.

You can easily set up this service using the ExpressVPN Router app or even the manual setup instructions here.

Distinctive features of ExpressVPN that cannot be found on other VPNs

    • Military-grade Encryption: While most VPNs provide 128-bit encryption, ExpressVPN has launched a new military-grade encryption standard known as the ExpressVPN Stealth protocol that offers 256-bit AES encryption. This security level is on par with what the world’s NSA and GCHQ use to protect their top-secret documents. It is also way stronger than what you’d get from any other VPNs out there.
    • TrustedServer Technology: The server is run with RAM, meaning any data on the server is erased when the server is powered off. Removing the risk of hard drives where data will still be stored even after unplugged.
    • Secure Servers: Possess all their own servers worldwide for security purposes: The company owns over 160 of its own servers, spread across 94 countries. You don’t need to worry about the speed of the connection since most of the time you’ll be connected to one of those ExpressVPN-owned servers.
  • Network Lock Kill Switch: An added security feature that once the VPN connection drops, the application automatically kills your connection to the internet. Therefore, there is no way for your real IP address to be ever exposed.

What Are The Best ExpressVPN Servers for Netflix in 2021?

ExpressVPN has two types of servers for streaming Netflix.

The first is the standard Netflix server which you typically connect to with a VPN.

The second type of server is dedicated to specific applications including Netflix. Each ExpressVPN server supports both, as does the Premium plan.

The best Netflix server that we encounter is called the optimized US location and is located in Chicago IL as shown below.

However, you can choose any other location to connect with ExpressVPN.

The best ExpressVPN servers for streaming Netflix are:

US Chicago IL, US Washington D.C., US Los Angeles CA, US Dallas TX, US San Jose CA, US Phoenix AZ, US Salt Lake City UT, and US Seattle WA.

What Might be the Reasons For ExpressVPN Netflix Not Working

There are many factors why ExpressVPN does not work well with Netflix.

However, we can develop some other reasons why you might have no luck connecting with ExpressVPN to stream Netflix.

  1. Netflix servers provide exclusive .nks files and you might have downloaded them from another source.
  2. Netflix is already aware of the VPNs and decides to block the IPs associated with them.
  3. You are using a bad server to connect to Netflix.
  4.  You might be using a different version of the Netflix app or device.

Whatever the reasons why your ExpressVPN is not working on Netflix, you can contact their support team 24/7 for a quick and excellent response.

Get on with them through live chat, or email to get your problem solved.

Are DNS Codes Good For Netflix?

DNS codes are hard to get hold of and aren’t as easy to use as VPNs.

However, they are a useful way for bypassing geographic restrictions.

If you do end up using DNS codes, then you need an external DNS server provider.

This is because all the DNS settings on your router are saved and encrypted.

Therefore, the DNS codes you use cannot be seen by the router.

However, the main problem with DNS codes is that they can only be used a few times before they expire or are blocked.

So you can only use them once or twice and then have to wait for them to renew again.

The USA Netflix DNS codes do not work as intended from our testing, and it’s too troublesome to enter a new one.

The ones that we’d tried are:

Primary DNS:,,,

Using these free DNS Codes comes with risk as they are known to be blocked at times and are not fully secured.

So you should find a reliable VPN provider instead.

Final Thought

The people living in the US enjoy streaming as the content is many and diverse.

However, if you are a traveler or perhaps a citizen of another country, the sad reality is that you wouldn’t be able to access your favorite American content.

However, with ExpressVPN Netflix, you can connect to different servers and get past the geo-restrictions placed by Netflix.

We tested all the servers mentioned above and found that they work miracles whenever we tried to stream any show or movie on Netflix.

If Expressvpn pricing is on the higher side for you, try out some of our VPN Netflix hacks here.