Surfshark Test Report

Here’s the checklist sheet to Surfshark’s score.

I run Surfshark under these 28 inspect elements.

And the score is out, 90 over 100!

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Inspect ElementsCheckedPoint Weight
Kill Switch4/4
Outside 14 Eyes4/4
No Logs4/4
OpenVPN Protocol4/4
Double VPN Servers Routing (MultiHop)4/4
Private DNS (Smart DNS)4/4
No Bandwidth Limit3/3
P2P Function3/3
Public Wifi Protection4/4
Own Server Farm0/4
Google Play Review4 out of 5 stars (21,049)5/5
App Store Review4.4 out of 5 stars (2,229)5/5
Download Speed Reduction2/4
Upload Speed Reduction4/4
Unlimited Devices2/2
Obfuscation/Camouflage Mode3/3
DNS Leak Test4/4
WebRTC Leak Test4/4
IPV6 Leak Test4/4
GPS Spoofing4/4
Secure Hotspot3/3
Auto Cookies Deletion0/2
Ddos Protection2/2
Scan Downloaded File0/2

Last fact checked: 7th January, 2021

Ranked 2nd from all of the best VPN tested.

  1. Beta Distribution for Google Play and App Store Review

Playstore review of 4.0 stars rating from 21,049 individuals score is 0.80

Appstore review of 4.4 stars rating from 2,229 individuals score is 0.88

Calculation closer to 1 is better.
1.00 < x < 0.8 – earn 5 points
0.79 < x < 0.6 – earn 4 points
0.59 < x < 0.4 – earn 3 points
0.39 < x < 0.2 – earn 2 points
0.19 < x < 0.0 – earn 1 point

  1. Speed Test

TypeWithout SurfsharkWith SurfsharkDifferences in %
Download29 Mbps25 Mbps-13.79%
Upload24 Mbps23 Mbps-4.17%

Speed Test Without Surfshark
Without Surfshark (Benchmark)

Speed Test With Surfshark
With Surfshark

We are using to run the speed test for download and upload speed.
x < 5% – earn 4 points
x < 10% – earn 3 points
x < 15% – earn 2 points
x < 20% – earn 1 point

  1. Latency / Ping Test

LocationsWithout SurfsharkWith SurfsharkDifferences
Washington312 ms307 ms-5 ms
San Francisco201 ms201 ms
Sao Paulo412 ms643 ms+231 ms
Hong Kong59 ms208 ms+149 ms
Amsterdam211 ms189 ms-22 ms
Moscow312 ms224 ms-88 ms
Average251 ms295 ms+44 ms

Ping Test Without Surfshark
Without Surfshark

Ping Test With Surfshark
With Surfshark

Greater the measure distance, higher the ping time will be . Calculation is based on the average ping time.
x < 60 ms – earn 4 points
x < 100 ms – earn 3 points
x < 150 ms – earn 2 points
x < 200 ms – earn 1 point

  1. DNS Leak Test

Surfshark DNS Leak Test

It’s not hard to guess that I’m not from Singapore. It’s nearby though!

  1. WebRTC Test

Surfshark WebRTC Leak Test

The test passed with flying colors! My real-time communication did not leak out my physical location. Not even close.

  1. IPV6 Leak Test

Surfshark IPv6 Leak Test

  1. Misc – Server Farm

No. They have over 1700 servers around the globe but unfortunately, not all are owned by Surfshark.

Here’s a screenshot from our chat. By the way, the support was awesome and prompt.

Surfshark Live Chat Support


  1. Bonus

Surfshark biggest deal
I’m not saying that everyone will receive this deal.

But this is by far, the biggest discounted deal from Surfshark that I’d received.

Dropping the price to $1.79/mo for 24 months!


Make sure you check out your email and have a little patience during the 7 days free trial.

Once you actually receive the deal, act fast on it.

It’s a time-limited offer!

Still, $1.99/mo is a steal for a VPN that performed at this level.

If you do miss out on the deal.

No big fuss.

Final Word

There you have it, my full test report on Surfshark.

They score pretty fair although lack in the department of speed compares to ExpressVPN.

Find out more at

… or find out if is Surfshark a good VPN here.