6 Best VPN for Malaysia

When you think of Malaysia, you imagine endless beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and — of course — its delicious cuisine.

If you’re planning to live there or visit soon, you’re going to need a VPN for security purposes.

But before I go on to recommend the best 6 VPN services for Malaysia, let’s answer the question “Is VPN legal in Malaysia?”

Yes, it’s safe to say that VPNs are legal in Malaysia, unlike in China.

Thus, this is an excellent advantage for you to grab this chance and protect yourself on the big, bad internet.

However, if you choose to use a VPN based in Malaysia, the government can force the VPN provider to release your information when necessary.

While most VPN services claim that they don’t keep your records, you should keep a lookout and read their policies.

Before you quickly scroll down to identify the top 6 VPNs in Malaysia, you should first understand Malaysia’s Internet censorship policies.

Then only you’ll see the importance of getting a VPN for Malaysia.

Internet Censorship in Malaysia

Internet censored in Malaysia - VPN bypass

For the longest time, Malaysia’s cyberspace has taken a turn for the worse as Malaysian authorities silenced the press and blocked websites that addressed corruption scandals.

For example, the Sarawak Report website is blocked due to its coverage of the 1MDB scandal that involved Malaysia’s Former Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

While the Malaysian government has recently unblocked some international and local news websites that criticize the previous regime, social media users and bloggers can still face criminal prosecutions for expressing their political views online.

And the latest contempt case against Malaysiakini a form of intimidation, to impact press freedom is such a disgrace.

Until now, online users can be arrested and prosecuted for criticizing or insulting the government or the royals under the Sedition Act.

Thus, many political websites have moved their URL addresses to the UK as they cannot operate in Malaysia. This approach makes it harder for the Malaysian authorities to prosecute these websites.

But, these websites are not accessible in Malaysia. They are available in other countries. You’ll need a VPN to access these websites.

As the Great China Firewall coming down to Hong Kong internet users, it’s not difficult to see more of the people there adopting the VPN for Hong Kong as an effective way to reduce their digital footprint online.

It is justifiable to block some websites such as pornography or online gambling based on Malaysia’s laws and regulations, but blocking websites such as Jinggo-Fotopages that specializes in Malaysian Politics, demonstrates that such censorship as this is politically motivated.

With that said, many people are turning towards using a VPN service to bypass restricted websites.

But on the other hand, — according to FreedomHouse, Internet freedom status is partly free. This is due to the rising of unblocking international and local websites that criticized the previous government in recent years.

Cybertroopers Are Utilized in Malaysia to Monitor Online Discussions

According to FreedomHouse, Malaysia is one of 30 countries globally known to use cyber troopers.

These cyber troopers are used for various purposes, such as influencing and decreasing disinformation as well as the spread of propaganda on social media and other online discussion platforms.

They are also known to work with other government agencies such as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to monitor user’s Internet usage and prevent access to few sites that address LGBT+ issues, pornography, piracy such as torrenting, and scams.

While it is indeed praiseworthy that the government cares for the citizens, but it doesn’t reassure us that all of our online activities are being monitored.

With the latest Malaysiakini being convicted guilty for contempt, we as the user should be responsible for what we had taken for granted all these while.

Having said that, you must have a VPN to protect your information from prying eyes and regain your privacy online as layer protection.

Read more below to find out why you need a VPN in Malaysia.

Is there a Need for VPN services in Malaysia

Yes — there is a need for VPN services.

While there are so many reasons to consider why choosing a VPN, some of them are more important than others for users in Malaysia.

For instance, government surveillance and cybercrime are big issues, so you’ll need to pick one with excellent security.

The Malaysian government utilizes invasive monitoring and censorship tactics to control information access.

The recommended VPNs by me will keep you hidden from Malaysian authorities and protect you from online threats.

If you don’t know this by now, Internet Service Providers of Malaysia (ISPs) have implemented government bans on websites.

If you can’t access a website, it means you can’t pass due to the government bans on the servers.

Not to mention, the Malaysian government is on its way to constructing its own Great Firewall of Malaysia.

By getting tips and tricks from China known for its strict internet rules, Malaysia wants to control the information that’s available to the public.

And that includes popular new sites such as BBC or CNN. But banning them will alert the world that Malaysia is a repressive country.

To avoid this, the Malaysian government gets the ISPs to implement a deep packet inspection (DPI) to erase some webpages from these websites.

They examine the contents of the message as it passes through the ISPs.

Streaming Services Availability in Malaysia

Malaysia born streaming service, Iflix had been bought over by Tencent.

When it comes to streaming services in Malaysia, it isn’t as restricted compared to media websites.

However, the choices or alternatives for streaming services in Malaysia is rather limited.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services are available in the country.

The only difference is that content availability varies from what’s found in other countries due to local laws and content contracts.

That’s when overcoming the Netflix VPN ban become useful.

However, not all streaming services are available. For example, Disney+ or Hulu can’t be accessed in Malaysia.

After all, these two streaming sites offer fantastic content to watch. With a VPN, you can access these sites in Malaysia.

Now that you know why you require a VPN in Malaysia, let’s take a look at my picks for the top 6.

6 Best VPN services in Malaysia

These recommended VPN services offer the best security and keep prying eyes off your online activities.

Do not fall for the free VPN’s promises. They do not deliver them most of the time.

I pick these six VPN services based on the following factors:

  • User privacy protection and security
  • Reliable speed
  • Windows, macOS, and Android support
  • Global server locations with servers in Malaysia

Here’s a brief version for each of them:

1. ExpressVPN Malaysia

Score 92 / 100
Based on 28 inspect elements (see full test report)

ExpressVPN Pros (+)

+ Fastest VPN Tested
+ Self Owned Servers
+ Highly Secure & 100% Privacy

ExpressVPN Cons (-)

– Pricey
– No ad-blocker

ExpressVPN Review
Visit ExpressVPN

Price starts at RM 34.90/mo

ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable VPN providers. Its security is top-notch.

They even rated #1 in our best mac VPN here.

It provides access to geo-blocked content in most of the free world. It also has a kill switch to keep you protected if the VPN fails.

That way, your privacy is highly regarded with its no-logs policy.

But don’t take my word for it.

Find out more about why they are widely favored among many users in my ExpressVPN review.

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2. NordVPN

Score 85 / 100
Based on 28 inspect elements (see full test report)

NordVPN Pros (+)

+ Affordable
+ Specialty Servers
+ Onion Over VPN

NordVPN Cons (-)

– No GPS Spoofing
– Servers  Not Fully Owned

NordVPN Review
Visit NordVPN

Price starts at RM 14.65/mo

NordVPN has a sterling reputation for over a decade and is another VPN provider that is known for its consistent service.

Their strict no-logging policy combines with 256-bit military-grade encryption is what makes NordVPN hard to resist. DNS leak protection is also offered.

The only difference between NordVPN and ExpressVPN is their price range.

NordVPN is quite flexible with its subscription costs. You can test NordVPN as it offers a risk-free service and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If NordVPN has caught your eyes and you’re interested to know more, I recommend you check out the NordVPN review here.

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3. CyberGhost

Score 78 / 100
Based on 28 inspect elements (see full test report)

CyberGhost Pros (+)

+ Great for Streaming
+ Affordable
+ NoSpy Servers

CyberGhost Cons (-)

– No GPS Spoofing
– Ad-blocker work Intermittent

CyberGhost Review
Visit CyberGhost

Price starts at RM 11.55/mo

If you’re new to the whole concept of VPNs, then I recommend you use CyberGhost.

While it can’t beat the first two recommendations, it’s an excellent VPN by default.

The provider’s ‘easy-to-use’ user experience is what earned its place as my third choice.

Not to mention, it takes your privacy and freedom online very seriously.

CyberGhost’s speed is incredibly fast and offers unlimited bandwidth in all of its plans.

Above all, 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy are part of its high-end security protocols.

Here’s my full review of CyberGhost.

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4. IPVanish

Score 71 / 100
Based on 28 inspect elements (see full test report)

IPVanish Pros (+)

+ Excellent Ping Time
+ Clean UI
+ Great Customer Support

IPVanish Cons (-)

– Inside 14 Eyes Jurisdiction
– No GPS Spoofing

IPVanish Review
Visit IPVanish

Price starts at RM 27.25/mo

IPVanish checks all the boxes of a fast VPN that is attentive to users’ anonymity and privacy.

Not to mention, it utilizes 256-bit encryption on the OpenVPN protocol by default.

The Internet kill switch is included, which means IPVanich can momentarily block all traffic to-and-from your device if the connection cuts.

To know what makes IPVanish an excellent choice for many users, read my intake at IPVanish review.

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5. Surfshark

Score 90 / 100
Based on 28 inspect elements (see full test report)

Surfshark Pros (+)

+ Ad-Blocker
+ Low Price
+ Premium Features

Surfshark Cons (-)

– Not Owning All the Servers
– No Server Load Indicator

Surfshark review
Visit Surfshark

Price starts at RM 7.50/mo

While being the most affordable VPN in Malaysia doesn’t mean they come cheap.

Surfshark offers all the premium features at an incredible deal.

My in-depth testing shows they occupied the second place in general but they lack the popularity in Malaysia.

Not many had heard of them. But I can vouch for them with real and solid results.

Check out my Surfshark review for further explanation and my own impression after using them.

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6. VyprVPN

Score 77 / 100
Based on 28 inspect elements (see full test report)

VyprVPN Pros (+)

+ Chameleon Technology
+ Own Server Farm
+ Independent Audit

VyprVPN Cons (-)

– No GPS Spoofing
– Inconsistent Speed

VyprVPN Review
Visit VyprVPN

Price starts at RM 10.50/mo

Last but not least, VyprVPN is another excellent service.

Keep in mind, that its speed can be slow at times.

Despite that, it offers its own encryption protocol — Chameleon — that adds extra protection to the VPN tunnel.

It also provides a kill switch and doesn’t keep your online logs.

If you are interested to learn more about VyprVPN, read my full review here.

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Conclusion: A Need for VPN Services in Malaysia — Privacy & Censorship

I hope you pick one of my recommendations with proper security to keep you hidden from cyber troopers, surveillance, and scams.

A kill switch can help with that.

If you’re interested to know more about how you can increase your privacy online.

Here are 7 habits that you can practice today to boost your privacy protection online instantly.

You should also choose a VPN that offers extensive server networks to bypass any website blocks.

All of the recommended best VPN for Malaysia above has at least one server located inside the country.

Some are having more than one.

If you’re still confused about what’s a VPN or IP, check your IP here and see what it says about you.

It will give you a whole different outlook about VPN and what it can do for you.

If you’re a neighbor down south, you can check out our best VPN in Singapore here.