Affiliate Earning Disclosure

Version Date: April 2020.

VPNCodes is an independent, community-supported platform.

Affiliate earning helps support our website and gives us resources to create well-researched articles.

We want to be completely transparent about our advertising or affiliate relationship with some of the VPN providers including:

  • ExpressVPN (
  • NordVPN (
  • Vyprvpn (
  • GooseVPN (

Many review sites rank or recommend products based on the percentage of commission they are earning, and we at VPNCodes strictly against such practices.

We believe facts and numbers will not lie and we only recommend them based on the figure that we are receiving from our testing and impression.

Our aim is to answer your questions and solving problems in an ethical and transparent way.

Besides, we also review, test, and write VPN related topics that we deem appropriate and beneficial to our readers even we do not receive any compensation.

We never receive any paid or sponsored review and all the express and opinions are strictly our own.

We value the trust given by you and for sure we will not sacrifices it for something that is deemed to be short-term.

Will this cost me more money?

The short answer is NO.

The earning part is from the providers themselves. They agree to pay us a certain amount from their profit if we successfully referring a lead or sales to them.

In fact, we are working closely with the providers so we can offer you all the latest campaigns and discounts that can save you money.