About VPNCodes – Why, Who, and How

of marketing organizations sell data.

days it takes to detect a data breach.

of online users worries about their privacy.

started to use encrypted technologies like VPN.

of cyber attacks are aimed at individual.

Why I need to protect privacy

The statistics above are just the tip of the iceberg. I did not mean to infuse fear but the truth and number do speak for themselves.

Have you ever thought that you could become one of the privacy breaches victims? I’m sure we all never think about those possibilities.

Yet, we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Coming from a content-restricted country make me realized that the internet is never a fair playing ground.

*Hint: My country ranked 101 / 180 globally in the latest 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

It never was and will never be.

Using the VPN, masking, and protecting yourself by not revealing your true self to the internet world gain some equality and fairness.

Do we really need a VPN? Yes, I certainly think so.

Who needs VPN

Practically everyone who uses the internet.

We are all being segmented, divided into groups, and ethnics. Authorities, providers, or owners want us to sees and access material that they think is appropriate.

The rest is restricted and forbidden. We just simply cannot cross the border.

Whether it’s for content access, media streaming, downloads, or even online shopping. The rules are the same, you can only do as much if you belong to this group.

Everything you clicked and do online is logged and tracked.

VPN makes us virtually invisible.

You are able to cross the border and masking yourself as the other group of your choice.

Please be noted that I am not encouraging any illegal activities and are strictly against them.

VPN usage is all about protecting our privacy and treating ourselves fairer with no limitation.

At least not at the say of someone else.

How (I had done the research)

Whatever I test and do with the VPN, I am into actual data and metrics.

With the 28 test parameters that I’ve set, I managed to record and ranked the best private VPN in a properly documented manner.

I do not have any preferences towards certain VPN providers but if you look into the scores, you’ll find the differences.

I do however need to disclaim that I will earn commissions if you subscribe to your chosen VPN through some of my links here.

VPNCodes will always stay independent, up-to-date, and hoping to do more in protecting our rights and privacy.

You can do more and certainly deserve better.


I would like to take this page and opportunity to thanks all the users, friends around the world who had helped to tests and provide feedback to me.

Without the many of you out there, VPNCodes cannot be so comprehensive and serve as my journal in recording the best VPN out there.

People Behind The Scene

For those who would like to know more about the creator of VPNCodes, here’s a short biography about myself.

Do use the form below to contact me.

Any feedback, suggestions, or corrections are welcomed.